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Nayomi Sanctuary Resort promises to meet the unique needs of all our guests.

Nayomi Sanctuary Resort is the perfect setting for special occasions, family getaway or corporate retreats. There is an abundance of family-friendly events and spots to visit around the Sanctuary. With resort activities like sunset bonfires and movie area, this resort is perfect getaways or family vacations.


Nayomi Sanctuary Resort

Nayomi Sanctuary Resort is located at Barangay Alangilan Balete Batangas where one of the best views of Taal Lake is seen. Surrounded by nature, Nayomi offers a relaxing atmosphere that will make anyone feel right at home. With its 14,418 square meters in area, it looks surreal but we assure you, it’s real.

The owner envisions it as an escape from the demands of the urban world, a place where you can relax, regroup, and rediscover yourself. It’s a peaceful place where you can easily travel to, where you can spend the weekend without worries, and where you can celebrate your grand celebrations.

With its existing four villas and four rooms, Nayomi has made sure each villa is equipped with a master’s bedroom with one queen and one twin size beds, a bathroom of their own, a dinning set, and a relaxing porch in front of each villa.

Come, escape, and make Nayomi your sanctuary where you can relax, bond, and enjoy. Feel the beauty of Balete Batangas and explore nature at its best. It’s an hour and a half drive from the busy streets of Metro Manila, a sure escape from the urban world.

Come and visit us at Nayomi. We’re waiting for you.



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